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  2. mrmcsavvy answered: I think they are just a bunch of winy pussies. They are in INTERNATIONAL waters, aka, they cannot be arrested for their actions, shoot ‘em!!
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  4. mad-as-a-marine-biologist answered: I’m so glad to see others who are questioning their methods too, too much blind support - check out this post: tinyurl.com/3buovga
  5. booksandsilliness answered: I have mixed feelings as well. Is being an environmental terrorist any better than poaching?
  6. glaringlyobvious answered: At first I was torn about it but then I realized all conventional methods have failed. The only option is destroying whaling productivity.
  7. free-range-organic-sofa answered: I think it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! XD
  8. pudgebird answered: I love that show. It’s scary, depressing, and inspiring all at once.
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    These guys are my heroes. This is my thought about it and I don’t care anymore if they’re being hipocrates, they do a...
  10. chilopodacrudus answered: They are good people but…I can’t really agree with the methods they use. It’s almost embarrassing to watch sometimes.
  11. ebeirp answered: love it.
  12. lostflyingfish answered: I’m pretty sure they’re considered terrorists
  13. continuouslife answered: I like what they’re doing, and I was involved in a charity that helps save whales. But, it’s insane the way they do it.
  14. peachysmilelnaillil answered: nope
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  16. dbmurphy answered: Never saw it. My only thoughts are that I am backing Ishmael and Queequeg.
  17. karlamoss-vasariah answered: yes
  18. stareclypse answered: I’ve watched it on Netflix as well. I am also torn between them taking action and saving the whales, but I disagree with some methods used
  19. dumeril answered: They’re pirates
  20. yerawizardjustin answered: I was expecting Whale Mounted Machine Guns being fired at Japanese whaling boats in the arctic. Needless to say, I was diappointed :(
  21. vixxey answered: I feel like it gives conservationists a bad rap, but it makes for great entertainment.
  22. a-invisivel answered: -
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